I am always in awe of people who seem to face crippling hardship in their lives and at the same time show such a ferocious energy, spirit and love of that life, however tough it becomes. Koshalya was one of those people. Her beaming smile and quick wit was infectious....

In 2014, as celebrities came together to re-record the Band Aid hit song 'Do They Know It's Christmas', both the lyrics and general sentiment of the song once again came under heavy criticism. Westerners and Africans alike were outraged by the patronising tone and degr...

Manimegalai is a 17 year old girl with a dream. She dreams to be an English teacher. Excitedly, she tells me that by the time I visit again in a few years, her English would have much improved, and I believe her. She has that sparkle in her eyes, that want, that will.


Imagine this.

You have a, lets say, ten year old daughter who is deaf. You live two hours outside of a main city and you rarely go into town because the rickshaw is too expensive. As your daughter grows up, you cope the best you can.

When your daughter was six, you sent...

It's not rocket science. If you are feeling sick, you go to a doctor who gives you a diagnosis and tries to fix it. In the UK, despite the current struggles of the NHS, we have one of the best health care systems in the world.

My lovely and very much missed papa lived t...

"I love to dance", Parathi tells me as she pulls her bright purple sari back over her head to shade her face from the relentless sun. Grabbing her friends hand, they dash outside to showcase their moves. They couldn't have found a more captive audience. It is seeing an...

With a fist pump and a huge smile, Dora tells me she is going to vote in next week's local village elections. She is 23 years old but only started receiving an education three years ago. This is when she met the field worker from the local charity which supports young...

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