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08 - Laxmi, Anil's mother, at Mahalaxmi Parents Group demonstrating the group's new power,

Capacity building for local partners


To gather stories of local partners supporting communities in rural India who live with a disability. To deliver a workshop to staff of local partners on ethical story gathering and photography work.

- Action Village India, 2017, India - 

the work

We arrived with partners in Bihar province and took time to understand the scope of the work, the community contexts and the work and pressures on staff so we could understand how local partners work and learn from their expertise. 

We went and visited many local families in many small towns, understanding and listening to their experiences. My role included:

  • planning and leading training to over 20 staff members across the project around story gathering, consent, communications and strong and ethical photography.

  • meeting with five families to understand their experiences

  • writing up stories and taking and editing photos for marketing and communications


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