Facilitating ethical storytelling

Your organisation's story and the lives, hopes and challenges of those you support is important.


I help capture these stories in an authentic and honest way, ensuring those lending their stories to you remain the keepers of those stories.


Whether it's your beneficiaries, your staff or your supporters, through words and pictures I help gather stories and case studies in a dignified safe way that encourages hope, builds connection and inspires action.

Training your staff and volunteers

Help your staff to speak and write with confidence about the work you do and inspire them to becoming advocates for your organisation, both online and offline.


I believe the processes for communicating well are as important as the final product. Through training and by introducing robust processes, templates, tool-kits and more, I help create processes and skills around authentic communications that have your people at it's heart. 

Our popular courses include Writing for Web, Photography Skills and Ethical Storytelling courses. 

Communicating online

Creating great content is only part of the puzzle. In this digital age, understanding your audience and your channels is key. 

Through workshops and user-led approaches we can support you with digital content strategies, measuring the success of your content and creating supporter journeys that build confidence and inspire your people. 

This work often looks at your people including the skills they may need, the processes behind your digital content, your technology and your data. 

"Our team and partners were very impressed with Claudine's work in India, interviewing deaf young people and their families from two different partners. Each of these case studies were fantastic and the photographs really captured the individual and their relationship with families and teachers. All of these case studies were vital to show our supporters, funders and international members a real insight to our work and the impact that Deaf Child Worldwide do with our partners in three regions."

— Philippa Wynne,
Deaf Child Worldwide

"I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Claudine has taken World Jewish Relief’s digital output to a new level. It was not only the website that improved under her watch, but all of the organisation’s imagery, video, social media and emails to supporters."

- Rafi Cooper 

World Jewish Relief

About Me

I am a proud Londoner with a passion for storytelling and the work of charities both in the UK and internationally. I believe everyone has a story and that stories can not only inspire action and change but lead to healing and growth.  

I love people and I am passionate about understanding an organisation, its culture and what it is trying to achieve. 

Most of all, I am always inspired and moved by the people I meet who agree to share their story with me. It is only through listening well and facilitating honest storytelling that charities can continue to safely raise funds to do the vital work they do supporting vulnerable individuals, families and communities around the world.